Gain key insights into how technology is being implemented at the country’s most successful banks, asset managers, lenders, credit cards, insurance, and fintechs.


The next few years will mark an abundance of watershed moments for the banking industry. Hear from banking leaders the innovative ways they are revolutionizing the landscape. Topics covered will include:

  • Global Banking Trend Forecast
  • Open Banking
  • Banking Marketplaces
  • Blockchain Banking
  • Digital Twin Simulation
  • AI & Banking
  • ​​Building a Competitive Technology Stack

The Covid-19 pandemic hypercharged digital banking, with a cross-generational shift towards adopting digital channels. Use cases covered include:

  • Personalization
  • Embedded banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Payment Modernization

Explore the myriad of regulatory requirements, as well as internally driven demands, facing banking leaders today:

  • Regulatory landscape
  • Banking in an Inflationary Environment
  • Cybersecurity
Future of Work

The next decade will challenge the traditional concept of a bank’s identity and usher in the next generation of technologies and partnerships for products, services, talent, and customer experiences. Topics covered will include:

  • Bank & Fintech Partnerships
  • Customer + Brand in the Great Wealth Transfer
  • Building a Banking Workforce for the Future
  • New Tech: Compete or Collaborate?