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September 8 | 2:00PM ET

Identity Marketing – How Leading Brands are Personalizing Market Outreach to Identify and Acquire New Customers

Marketing leaders today are facing an uphill battle when it comes to getting the right message to the right customer. An obvious strategy to get over the hump is to spray and pray or double your marketing efforts. However there is an obvious problem with this tactic – double the efforts = double the cost + time.

Delivering the right message to the right shopper at the right time is the ideal situation. To do that effectively, marketing leaders are relying on technologies such as AI/ML to find and identify new customer wants/needs. During this interactive roundtable we will discuss how to capture and identify the right data to effectively and easily target your customer.

Goal – VIP promotions to consumer community

  • Instantly verify who is who
  • Identity Marketing
  • Target Marketing
  • Bringing retail acumen to the bank
  • Customer loyalty program


2:00PM Eastern – 60 Minutes

  • Moderator: Julie Cox, VP, Financial Services, SheerID

Intended Audience

  • CMO
  • Marketing Technology Leadership
  • Digital Account Creation
  • Head of Loyalty Programs

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