Call For Speakers

Speak at BTF and become part of banking industry history. People attend BTF to learn how technology will impact their industry, their company, their career, and the world at large.

In order to make the BTF learning experience second to none, we seek speakers who can provide a perspective that our attendees can’t learn anywhere else. With that in mind, our goal in choosing speakers is to find people who keep it real. Presentations that are heavy with buzzy platitudes or sales pitches do not offer value.

We look for people who have a perspective gained through real world experience, and who can share that experience candidly. Successes, failures, team dynamics, technical challenges, and business outcomes are all shared at BTF.

Have a great idea to share?

Presentations at BTF take on a variety of forms:

  • Use case breakdowns and project retrospectives
  • Team leaders sharing their technological and internal hurdles
  • Executive management’s perspective on overall transformation strategy
  • Lessons learned and key reasons for success (or failure!)

As a potential speaker, we want you to ask the question, “What perspective do I hold that would be valuable for others to learn?” Once you pinpoint your unique perspective, the rest is figuring out how to convey that perspective through a presentation, panel, co-presentation, or other talk format.

We want speakers who clearly see the impact that new technology & innovation represents and are excited by it. These types of people are more likely to excite our audience and will realize that sharing the reason for their excitement is the best way to push the industry forward.

As we strive to foster a peer to peer learning environment, preference is given to end-users who work at major banks.